The Seasons On Corfu Island

Corfu is an island particularly suitable for holidays all round the year.

The winter is mild with relatively high temperatures (5-14c) and sufficient sunlight (approx. 4,5 hours daily).

Spring is impressive and offers the visitor the privilege to enjoy the orgy of vegetation and colours. Easter is a magnificent celebration with lots of events that make Corfu famous all over Greece.

Summer is the most popular season; Corfu disposes of picturesque beaches and its crystal clear waters invite the visitors to swim, snorkel and dive and forget all about work and trouble.

Autumn is the season of vintage - the period the Island gets the smell of grapes. It is the best time of the year to get to know the island's daily life, people and nature.
Average air
Average sea
January 5-15c 14c 4.1 hours
February 5.5-14.2c 14c 4.6 hours
March 5.5-14.2c 14c 4.6 hours
April 9.1-19.1c 16c 7.8 hours
May 12.2-23.6c 18c 9.6 hours
June 16-28c 21c 9.6 hours
July 18-31c 23c 12.5 hours
August 18.4-31.5c 24c 11.2 hours
September 18.4-31.5c 24c 11.2 hours
October 13-23.6c 21c 6.7 hours
November 10.2-19.1c 18c 4.5 hours
December 7-15.7c 16c 3.2 hours